5 Reasons the Garmin Vivofit will transform your health into shape


As someone who reviews smartphone tech for a day job, I’m fascinated by the emergence of wearable fitness bands which aim to improve your health. Due for release on March 31st, Garmin have unveiled the vivofit wireless fitness band and activity monitor; a new gadget designed to get you active.

The question is, can Garmin’s Vivofit really improve your health? Looking into the specs and features of this fitness band, here’s 5 reasons to suggest it can.

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Personalised Daily Goals

Whether you’re elderly, sedentary or super healthy, those who wear the vivofit fitness band will have a huge variance in fitness and activity levels from day one. Garmin’s vivofit band reviews your levels of activity to provide a goal relative to your own ability.

Usually the vivofit will give you a personalised goal such as aiming to cover a few more steps during the day. If you succeed the Garmin health band will up the ante a little bit more by nudging you towards a new daily goal. Over a period of weeks or months, you’ll witness clear progression across the health metrics tracked by the vivofit.

Improving your fitness through smaller incremental steps is often the best way to work towards a long-term healthier you. Whether focusing on steps walked, calories burnt, or distance covered, vivofit gives focuses on small incremental goals to help you squeeze an extra 1 percent activity out of the day. It all adds up!

Garmin Vivofit design colour range

Tells you to get moving

It would be a lie to tell you I never have a lazy day in front of the TV. With Garmin’s vivofit band, if you’ve been inactive for over an hour, the red bar of shame appears as a gentle reminder to shake out those legs. A great way to ensure you move frequently throughout the day, the red bar resets after just a few minutes of movement.

When you work in an office environment, it’s all too easy to lose track of time and spend hours hunched over a desk. If you feel inactivity alerts would prompt you to avoid sitting down for extended periods, the vivofit is an effective intervention to improve health with a “little and often” approach.

One year battery life

When you consider a Garmin Forerunner such as the 220 will stay charged for approximately 2 weeks before draining, it’s crazy to think the Vivofit will happily endure up to one year without going near a wall socket.

How will a long battery life in the Vivofit improve your fitness? Healthy living is all about routine and such a sustainable battery life means you can always count on the device to capture your results. A flat battery would make it easy to lose discipline and miss an activity. With the Garmin Vivofit, you can be assured you’ll run out of energy long before the fitness band does!

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Water resistant

The Garmin vivofit wristband offers waterproof protection up to 50 metres. This level of resistance means it should stay free from water damage when exercising in wet weather or grabbing a post-exercise shower. No excuses to miss a session if its raining!

Garmin Connect - Vivofit

Garmin Connect

If you install the latest version of Garmin Connect onto your smartphone, you can view all your vivofit data through visually engaging graphs and charts. No need for cables as Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows you to transfer your activity wirelessly from fitness band to an iPhone or compatible Android release.

One of the leading features of Garmin Connect is the ability to join online challenges against friends and the Garmin community.

With tasks such as completing 35000 steps, you can motivate yourself and encourage friends to complete challenges and earn virtual badges or bragging rights!


Can the Garmin vivofit improve your health?

The vivofit fitness band by Garmin offers effortless tracking on your activity levels and presents the data in a stimulating format via Garmin Connect. With inactivity alerts, real-time metric counters and leader boards for friendly competition, the vivofit offers the encouragement you need from a health and fitness smart watch.

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