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Having reviewed much of the product line since its 2014 launch, I felt this article helps readers to find the most relevant content on all things Garmin Vivofit. Any future releases (Vivofit 4?) will be added as and when they are released.

Garmin Vivofit Releases

Garmin Vivofit (2014)

Whilst popular activity trackers of that era had to be recharged every couple of days (Fitbit Flex, Jawbone UP), the use of a watch battery meant the Vivofit could last up to a year on a single charge. The debut release featured a daily step goal which adjusted based on your history. Alerts were introduced to remind users to move around after long periods of being inactive.

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Garmin Vivofit 2 (2015)

A modest return which focused on usability improvements. A backlight made it easier to see step count at night, while a redesigned clasp ensured the band didn’t fall off the wrist as easily as the original release.


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Garmin Vivofit 3 (2016)

Garmin Vivofit 3 BlackWith the third release, came a reworked design featuring a square screen and a button much easier to press than previous models.

New features included the tracking of Intensity Minutes and Move IQ, an algorithm which logged continuous activity such as running and swimming automatically without the need to start a timer.

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Vivofit Jr

Garmin Vivofit Jr (2016)

Sure, it has familiar Vivofit features like one year battery life, move bar, step and sleep tracking. But with a bespoke app, parents can incentivise their children for completing activity with rewards and games. It even sends reminders to clean teeth or share toys. No excuses!

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Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 (2017)

Now backing designs featuring Minnie Mouse, Star Wars and Marvel, the latest Vivofit Jr is sure to get kids excited.

A colour screen and new app adventures bring their favourite characters to life, while Toe-to-Toe adds some friendly competition.

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Any news on a Vivofit 4 release date?

With a new Vivofit launched every year between 2014-16, most would expect the Vivofit 4 to land in 2017 but it wasn’t to be. The 3rd iteration still looks to be a core product in the Vivo series; perhaps for the aim of consistency with higher tier devices, Vivosmart 3 and Vivoactive 3. No official announcement or rumoured release date has surfaced online yet – could it be announced at Mobile World Congress in February? Should the Vivofit product line continue, I would guess a late spring or summer announcement to be on the cards.

Does Garmin Vivofit work with a heart rate monitor?

Yes all models except the junior range can;  the Vivofit 2 was even available to buy as a bundle pack with a Garmin branded heart rate monitor.  Using the ANT+ connectivity, its possible to link up wirelessly with a compatible chest strap. Once paired, the screen gives you a real-time view of your pulse (beats per minute) and heart rate zone. You’ll also get a more accurate calculation of calorie expenditure, as Garmin’s algorithms use heart rate as a signal for intensity.

If you’re looking to measure heart rate data frequently, there’s more relevant products within the Vivosmart series which will give you wrist based pulse tracking, meaning you can track it all with one device.


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