Broadcast Heart Rate Data from Vivosmart HR to a GPS Watch


If you own a Vivosmart HR and a Garmin GPS watch with ANT+ connectivity, you can pair them up in a matter of seconds. The benefit? On wrist heart rate tracking for your ride or run in sync with your collected distance and speed data.

Which watches can the Vivosmart HR broadcast to?

Garmin state in an FAQ that you’ll be able to send your heart rate data to any watch with ANT+ connectivity. I know it works for the Garmin Vivoactive but here’s a few of their other devices it should work for…

Garmin Forerunner

  • FR 15
  • FR 25
  • FR 210
  • FR 220
  • FR 230
  • FR 305
  • FR 405
  • FR 405CX
  • FR 410
  • FR 610
  • FR 620
  • FR 630
  • FR 910XT
  • FR 920XT

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