Garmin Watch Strap Broken? Here’s How to Fix it!


It happens. As you use a watch daily, the strap can get damaged. The cause could be down to the buckle breaking or perhaps the clasp ripping. In some cases, the pins connecting the strap to the watch face could even fall out; making your Garmin watch unwearable and unable to track your exercise.

If you were worried this would mean buying a whole new watch then don’t panic. It’s quite easy to replace the strap with a brand new one and depending on the model doesn’t cost too much. For most Garmin watches, you can buy a pack which includes the watch strap, pins, and a screwdriver to help tighten it all together.

I’ve just ordered myself a new Vivoactive strap as 10 months of daily usage results in a little wear and tear. The White has also got a little grubby with time, so was in of a refresh.

What about the other Garmin watches? If you’re looking to replace your strap with a new one, I’ve attached links to where you can find yours.

Garmin Forerunner

Garmin FR 630 Replacement Strap

FR 630

Available in Midnight Blue, this strap can replace a Forerunner 630. Includes the pins, pin removal tool and strap.

Midnight Blue

Replacement Strap - Garmin FR 220 Black/Red

FR 220

Replacement straps are available to buy on either colour version of the Forerunner 220. Pins, removal tool and strap included.

Black and Red | Violet and White

Garmin FR 10 repair strap

FR 10

Available in Green, Pink, Violet, Orange and Black there’s plenty of colours to jazz up the Forerunner 10. Pins and pin removal tool included. Being a cheaper and older model, you should be able to pick up a replacement for under $20.

Garmin FR 310XT Replacement Strap

FR 310XT

This replacement matches the orange and grey design of the 310XT. Comes with pins, pin removal tool plus instructions.

Grey and Orange

Garmin Forerunner 920XT Replacement Band

FR 920XT

You can buy replacement bands in the two original colours of the 920XT.

Black/Blue or Red/White

Replacement Strap - Garmin Forerunner 205 / 305

FR 205 / FR 305

If you’re still wearing one of these older Forerunners, this strap will work with both the 205 and 305.

Garmin Vivo Range

As part of their lifestyle range the Vivo devices give you a little more choice in their designs. There’s more colour choice, a range of materials such as leather or metal and even designer patterns available if you want to dress up your wearable for a night out.


Vivofit 2

You can pick up an official replacement for the Vivofit 2 for around $10-15 dollars individually. Available in 14 colours, you can easily find a colour you agree with.

VivokeeperVivofit 1

The original Vivofit is a slightly different design to the newest version so uses different straps. A common flaw with this version was the strap needed a clasp to stay together. If you need one, they’re called a Vivokeeper.
Replacement Clasp

Red Garmin Vivoactive Replacement Band


The Watch itself was only released in black and white, but you can really customise the Vivoactive with a range of official straps in colours like Berry, Red and Blue.


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