Wise Up! Jawbone UP24 vs UP features and differences


If you’re looking to track your fitness and activity levels, the Jawbone Up is a great solution at an affordable price.

With Jawbone releasing two versions of the device, here’s my guide to the differences between the Jawbone UP vs Jawbone UP24.

Connectivity with a phone

The biggest spec differences between the UP 24 and UP bands is how they transmit your data to the UP mobile app (available on both iOS and Android smartphones).

To upload your wearable data, the orginal model, Jawbone UP, requires you to take off the band and plug it into your smartphone via the 3.5mm headphone socket. The up application will then log the data, ready to review on your device.

With the Jawbone UP24, the wristband uses Bluetooth Smart, enabling your information to be transferred wirelessly, all whilst still on your wrist.

It’s technology similar to connecting a Garmin watch or Vivovit to a smartphone and is ideal for transferring data from a device to an app.

As the UP24 can be connected wirelessly to your device when on your wrist, you can receive real-time feedback to motivate you in the spur of the moment. New features using Bluetooth connectivity, will push notifications tailored around your activity levels. After a few days you’ll see messages to go to bed earlier or a celebration when you reach a milestone number of steps. The fact you can receive reminders to hit your daily goals means you really can influence your fitness whilst in the moment.


To enjoy real-time updates on the Jawbone UP24, it’s essential that your smartphone has Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility. This allows your phone to understand the messages the Jawbone band sends over to be transferred.

Jawbone UP24 connected to phone

Jawbone Design

Both the UP and UP24 fitness bands are constructed of a hypoallergenic TPU rubber.
Though flexible, excessive bending of either UP device is not recommended. Both can withstand a splash of water in the shower, but swimming is a no-no.

The original UP is currently available in four colours; Onyx (a dark grey), light grey, mint green, and blue. For those interested in the UP24, the fitness wearable is sold in persimmon (orange) and Onyx.

Battery Life

There are slight differences in battery life, with the UP capable of around 10 days charge. Possibly due to the power required for Bluetooth connectivity, the UP24 has a shorter 7 day battery life. On the plus side, both Jawbone bands should comfortably outlast the most active of days.

Sleep Tracking

A leading feature of the Jawbone fitness bands is the ability to monitor sleep patterns. While both the UP and UP24 deliver a smart alarm and power nap options, only the UP24 automatically pushes a “sleep report” to your phone every morning. For the UP these activities can be reviewed once the device is synced with your smartphone.

Price differences

For the additional features on the UP24, expect to pay around the RRP mark of £124.99. If you’re not looking for real-time connectivity with the Up app over Bluetooth, the original UP retails around £99.99 and will be a better value for money purchase.

Jawbone UP24 vs UP

In summary, the UP24 offers a healthy boost in features thanks to its advanced Bluetooth connectivity which enables real-time motivation and seamless transfer. For a small increase in the price, the features of the UP24 certainly pitch well against the likes of 2014 devices such as the Garmin Vivofit.

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