5 Differences – Misfit Flash vs Shine


Misfit are back with a new wearable tracker to measure your activity and sleep. Introducing the Misfit Flash, which on paper offers many of the same features as the original Shine. Despite being newer, the Misfit Flash is cheaper to purchase than the Shine.

What are the differences? Let’s take a look.

#1 New materials, brighter colours

The key difference between Misfit Shine and Flash wearables are the materials and colours available in the design. While the older Shine is constructed from anodised aircraft aluminium, the Flash rocks a TPU and polycarbonate combo.

So while the Shine may use more premium materials, Flash users are able to enjoy a wristband with a lower price tag and brighter colours to match.

Misfit Shine colours

Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine colours

  • Grey
  • Jet
  • Topaz
  • Champagne
  • Storm
  • Coral
  • Wine
  • Sea Glass
  • Red

Misfit Flash colours

  • Onyx
  • Frost
  • Fuchsia
  • Zest
  • Wave
  • Reef
  • Red
Misfit Flash colour variants

Misfit Flash

These brighter colours certainly give it a sportier appeal and remind me of the colours you’d see on a Nike+ FuelBand. The colours of the Shine however look more suitable for evening wear.

#2 The Misfit Flash is lighter

Getting geeky with the specs, the Misfit Flash weights in 3.4 grams lighter than the Shine. Though a 30% reduction in weight might sound massive, the already minimal weight of the Shine at 9 grams means both trackers are superlight. You could easily forget its even on your wrist as you crack on with your daily activity.

#3 The Shine is more waterproof

Comparing the Flash to the Shine in the waterproof department, Misfit state the Flash offers 30m resistance versus the Shine’s 50m resistance. What does this difference in rating actually mean? While the Flash is able to cope with splashes and rain, it’s not recommended to wear while swimming or showering. The Shine on the other hand will let you confidently do these activities without worry.

#4 – Windows Phone support on the Misfit Shine

If you’re on a Windows Phone 8 device like a Nokia Lumia, you’re in luck with a Misfit, as the Shine will work with your smartphone. Get real time updates straight to your mobile of your daily activity. Users who buy the Flash will have to wait, but Windows Phone support is in the pipeline; hopefully in time for Christmas.

It’s great to see that Misfit have offered support to Windows Phone users, who appear neglected by other activity tracker makers and split app development across iOS and Android only (Don’t worry, Misfit supports these two platforms too!)

#5 – The price is spot on

The sub $50 dollar Flash is super affordable in comparison to the leading manufacturers and means you can track all your activities without forking out too much cash. As a $30-50 dollar saving against the Shine, I think the Flash is a great product to get the Misfit brand name out there.

Is that it?

In all honesty there isn’t too many differences between the Misfit Flash or Shine internally. I recommend just picking the design you prefer so you’ll wear it as often as possible to track your activity.

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