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It’s been a long time coming, but Nike have FINALLY launched their FuelBand app onto Android! Designed to work with the FuelBand SE, Android users can now use many of the fitness features Apple device users have enjoyed for so long! Was it worth the wait?

If you’re not up to scratch with this tech, learn more about the FuelBand SE in my product review.

Why did Android users have to wait so long?

According to Vice President of Digital Sport at Nike, Stefan Olander, the issue has been Bluetooth fragmentation on Android smartphones. With hundreds of devices in the market, there was a huge danger that users would pay for the fitness band but have an out of date operating system and a smartphone which isn’t compatible with Bluetooth 4.0. The user experience would be poor and not up to the same standard as the iPhone experience.

As there are now enough smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and Android KitKat is more accessible, Nike feel it is an appropriate time to launch the application onto Google Play.

Attention! Nike+ Running now available on the Samsung Gear S watch.

Nike+ Sessions - Android

What are the app benefits?

Hook up the FuelBand SE up to your Android device and you’ll get to enjoy many of the connected features available on the device. Your stats are wirelessly send over to the FuelBand app so you can review your Nike+ profile in real-time.

Need to tweak your targets? You can even change your daily goal or the time on your FuelBand straight from the app itself. And for a little extra motivation, turn on Move Reminders and you’ll receive push alerts to your smartphone to encourage you to Win the Hour.

If you haven’t bought one yet because of its previous lack of Android connectivity, you can compare prices of the FuelBand SE at the ShuffleRun shop.

Be warned, no support for 1st edition!

If you were an early adopter who bought the first edition of the Nike FuelBand, bad news for you. With no Bluetooth connectivity in the activity tracker, you’ll be unable to wirelessly connect to your smartphone. This is because there is no Bluetooth 4.0 technology inside the band.

Judging by the app reviews, this has disgruntled a fair few users who have down-voted the app to 2.5 stars on Google Play, despite Nike clearly stating it is for the second edition only.

No support for first edition FuelBand on Android

Which Android phones can connect with FuelBand SE?

Nike state that in order to get the best out of the app you need to be running Android 4.3 or above. That means Android JellyBean or KitKat (4.4) needs to be running on the smartphone or tablet.

Though not every device running these versions of Android will be compatible due to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Nike state the FuelBand app is optimised towards the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, the LG Nexus 5, HTC One and Moto X.
Got a FuelBand SE? Download the app from Google Play.

It’s great news that Nike have finally released the app to Android users. Though there may be restrictions depending on device or software version, the FuelBand has just become significantly more accessible and will challenge the likes of Jawbone or Garmin for the Android market.


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Does the app work for you? Let us know which smartphone you’re using in the comments section below.

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