Running the London Marathon 2017. Raising money for MOVE


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On 23rd April, I’ll be running the London Marathon. It’s my first attempt at the distance so I’m pretty excited for what’s ahead. The event is well known for raising record amounts of money for charity, so it felt right for me to use my place to support a cause. I’m supporting MOVE, a cancer rehabilitation charity based in Leicestershire, UK.

Who are the MOVE Charity?

MOVE’s vision is to ensure the long lasting physiological and psychological effects of cancer treatment are dramatically reduced through the power of exercise and sport.

The charity was founded by a friend, Gemma Hillier, who back in 2012 was diagnosed with stage 3 Berketts Lymphoma. From Gemma’s experience, it was exercise which helped to give her focus she needed to fight cancer head on. By keeping physically active, Gemma was able to maintain her strength through treatment and it played a huge part in her recovery. Gemma now devotes her time to helping those who are going through their own journey with cancer.

The MOVE charity support young people living with or recovering from cancer in three core areas.

  • Tailored 1:1 exercise programs and group workshops lead by experienced Level 4 cancer rehab instructors.
  • Nutrition guidance to increase energy and encourage healthy choices that are enjoyable to eat.
  • Provide guidance and motivational support to boost confidence, self-esteem, embrace strength and bring positive change. Everything needed to help get your life back on track after cancer.

You Can Make a Big Impact

If everyone who reads ShuffleRun donated loose change (I’m talking pennies or cents here) we’d raise enough to support over 900 hours worth of cancer rehab. That’s a significant contribution which will allow MOVE to upscale their efforts; increasing support for more individuals who are diagnosed with cancer.

Let’s make a difference.

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